The Beginning of FIRE for First Responders

I thought I would give it a shot and write about FIRE for first responders. Also, I would like this page to be a place where other like minded first responders can come together to talk about FIRE and other aspects of the occupation (stress, long hours, etc.).

My background as a first responder is that I am a police officer in Los Angeles County.

I grew up in a middle-class family where money was always important to us. Like most 21st century family, we needed to show how wealthy we were by showing other people what kind of car we were able to afford.

I was not taught by my parents about financial independence. I actually learned about managing money and financial independence during a time where I actually did not enjoy being a first responder (I’m sure we have all been there where we thought about wanting to quit).

I started looking into how I could possibly leave this occupation early and I finally came across blogs about financial independence.

I also came across a podcast (ChoseFI) that really got me into wanting to be financially independent.

Like any other police officer, fire fighter, nurse, and other first responders, I had made many financial mistakes throughout my career; especially early on.

An example of that mistake would be I bought a nice sports car (approximately $40,000) right after I graduated the academy.

Little did I know at the time, it would be one of the bigger financial mistakes I think I made in my life.

And the funny part is as new police officers at a young age, I continuously see the new police officers driving brand new trucks and sports car.

I think it might be the norm for the younger police officers to buy a brand-new car because they have no responsibilities (like me).

I hope you continue to join me on my journey as I explain to how I made many financial mistakes as a first responder and what I changed to get on the path to financial independence.

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