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About Me

I am a Deputy Sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. I have been a deputy for approximately 10 years now. Throughout my short time in my career, I have made a lot of financial mistakes. I was in debt with a mortgage, car payment, and student loans. Also, I was buying a lot of unnecessary things, constantly going out every weekend, and spending outrageous amount of money. A few years ago I came a movement called FIRE (Financial Independence, Retirement Early) and instantly became hooked. I re-evaluated my life and paid off my car and student loans. I stopped going out as often (I still enjoy the occasional outing) and began investing my money instead. Join me in my journey as I explain and hopefully change other first responders life to live a more financially independent lifestyle.


Feel free to email me or send a message regarding financial independence or about the occupation. I will be more than happy to give advice anytime!

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