How To Do a Simple Budget

Doing a budget to see what your income and expenses are quite simple, but it requires a little bit of math. First thing to do is get a piece of paper and pen to write your income and expense down. It’s easy to do it in your head and get an estimate. But once youContinue reading “How To Do a Simple Budget”

The Difference Between Want and Need

Do you know the difference between want and need? If you don’t, let me explain. Buying something you want is something you don’t absolutely need, but you buy it anyway. An example would be from the previous post. Do you absolutely need a new car when you already have one that is running perfectly fine?Continue reading “The Difference Between Want and Need”

My First Financial Mistake as a Police Officer

Looking back at the beginning of my career, the first financial mistake I made in my career was when I bought my sports car. Even worse was I was given advice by people older than me not to buy a car first, but to continue living with my parents and to save up for aContinue reading “My First Financial Mistake as a Police Officer”

The Beginning of FIRE for First Responders

I thought I would give it a shot and write about FIRE for first responders. Also, I would like this page to be a place where other like minded first responders can come together to talk about FIRE and other aspects of the occupation (stress, long hours, etc.). My background as a first responder isContinue reading “The Beginning of FIRE for First Responders”